Episode 58: Bryony Cole On Normalizing The Conversation About Sex and Technology


Bryony Cole

Future of Sex

Bryony Cole hosts the Future of Sex podcast. She interviews entrepreneurs, therapists, and scientists about technology's impact on sexuality. Sextech is a $30 billion industry and no one is really talking about it and its impact on us. Bryony's mission is to normalize the conversation about sex and technology. She wants to destigmatize the conversation around our bodies, sexuality, and our identities in relation to the rapid rate of innovation in technology.

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Taking the "masks" off and being real and vulnerable about where we both are in our lives.

  • How to keep the faith while growing your business

  • What is sextech?

  • How sex tech is not just about robots taking over the world.

  • Exciting things happening right now in sextech.

Show Notes:

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